Create a blog

That’s it, you’ve finally decided to create a blog, good news! Creating a blog, in itself, is not very complicated but you have to master a lot of things to be successful with your blog. Indeed, there are several steps to know before you start and several steps to follow after you start. Here are the first 5 steps in order:

Step 1: Find a topic for your blog

I’ll still summarize how to find a blog topic. First of all, you must list your passions, as well as your skills on a sheet or an excel file. Indeed writing articles about your passion or skills will be easier in the long term, because blogging is a marathon not a sprint, it will take months and months to develop it. You must avoid talking about a subject that is too broad, you may never be able to position yourself in search engines due to increased competition. Moreover, by wanting to cover all topics, you will not become an expert on any topic with your readers and customers. This subject that fascinates you must obviously fascinate others. To find an idea for a blog you can also see what is being done abroad, talk to your friends and family about it so that they can give you their opinion on topics that you will be fine, for example. Your blog topic must be timeless, let’s imagine that you love football, if you want to talk about the 2018 World Cup your content will soon be “perishable” difficult afterward to continue blogging on the subject.

Here is a tool to see if a subject is losing momentum or if it is more and more wanted: Google trends. Let’s take the example of the hand spinner, a real cardboard in the playgrounds, there was a peak of research on the subject before it fell back a few months later.

Is there any point in talking about the hand spinner? Is the subject going to stay on track? We can naturally ask ourselves the question.

On the other hand, when you type in the keyword “vegetable garden”, you can see that the interest for this research is more and more pronounced because you see the curve increase from year to year, which is a good sign.

Step 2: Choose the platform for your blog

There are many platforms that allow you to create an online blog, but in my opinion, only one merit to be installed, the host: WORDPRESS. In my opinion there is no picture, the platform to choose for his blog is none other than WordPress, it is the number 1 platform, the most used in the world. But why choose this platform? WordPress first of all is used by 20 to 30% of the world’s sites! Good performance! It is a guarantee of quality and seriousness. In addition, WordPress is easy to use even for beginners in blogging. The last advantage of WordPress is the community. Indeed, WordPress has been able to federate a community around its tool, so if you are stuck on something you can very easily find an answer to your problem. A WordPress site can be 100% free, apart from the domain name and host, and there are many free professional WordPress themes. You can run your site with plugins (features you add to your site for free). WordPress is therefore ideal to have a professional blog, and to start at a lower cost.

You have 2 possibilities to set up your blog with WordPress:

Hosting with this method is very limited in terms of functionality.

WordPress hosted on your server: this is the most flexible method, the rendering of the site is much more professional, the site itself is more flexible, so I recommend that you host WordPress on your site in this way.

Step 3: Choose a domain name

To choose your domain name you have 2 possibilities: either an EMD (exact match domain) or a brand.

possibility 1: what is an EMD? It is when you put in the domain name the keyword you are targeting, imagine that you have a blog on gardening, you will call for example your blog This technique is very often used for natural referencing (we will discuss it in more detail later in this article).

Possibility 2: A brand will be more likely to be targeted to readers to bring affect to the blog, and that we can quickly remember the site. Here is an example of a blog that has preferred to create a brand around its site:

So you’re going to tell me what to choose? I tend to say it depends on your objectives! If you want to develop a brand around your blog, choose a fun name instead! While if you want to position your articles on Google, EMD can help you a little, be careful not to let that happen, there are many other things to do to position yourself. Depending on the theme, it is easier to choose a brand than an EMD, if you have a fashion blog for example, it would be interesting to create a brand. However, if you want to talk about your skills, an EMD could be interesting.