The best practices to promote your blog with Adwords

Here are some tips on Adwords for blogs if you want to promote your blog or specific articles from your blog. Before getting to the heart of the matter, be aware that these tips are intended for people who already have some experience on the Adwords platform.

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Make sure you have placed your ads in Extended Text Ads format

Contrary to what you might think, many ads have not yet been placed in Extended Text Ads format… It is important to make sure that you have placed your ads in ETA format because this will have an impact on their ranking.

What are the differences with the classic format?

As you can see, the text is a little longer (Google allows you to use more characters). The ETA format is a new standard from Google, so remember to use it because your competitors will think about doing so and Google will reward them for it.

Use all possible characters

In connection with the first good practice, consider using all possible characters. Whether it is the titles, urls, descriptions, every detail of your ad is important. In addition, it will allow you to occupy a more important place on the page. As a reminder, you have the possibility to use:

  • 30 characters per title
  • 15 characters per url
  • 80 characters per description

Use word exclusions

When you launch campaigns, you tell Google that you want to place yourself on certain keywords. However, not to put exclusions is to take the risk of leaving on all the words/expression containing your keyword. For example, if a bank decides to buy the word bank, but does not select any exclusions. She takes the risk of going out on “image bank, sperm bank, bank…”.

For more information about exclusions, we strongly recommend that you read the white paper that you can download at the end of the article.

Segment your campaigns

This is an essential practice for analysing successful campaigns and campaigns, which, on the contrary, can be optimised. All your offers, products or services must be segmented in different campaigns and ads. This will allow you to improve your conversion rate.

Encourage action

You can improve your conversion rate, including subscribing to your newsletter, with incentives, such as a free guide or something related to your blog.

Use all extensions (desktop and mobile)

You can add extensions. This can be very practical and interesting, especially on mobile phones.

Think about the mobile

  • Make an advertising and auction strategy dedicated to mobile, traffic has been increasing for several years. Don’t forget to bet on the mobile.
  • Make responsive display and think about your landing pages, they too must be responsive.

Do remarketing

Remarketing (or retargeting) can be done in several ways:

  • In display,
  • On Google shopping,
  • In the purchase of keywords
  • Or on Gmail

It allows you to “touch up” visitors to your site who do not convert by sending them a different (often reassuring) message, such as a promotion or service offered.